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I treat many different populations and diagnosis.

This page helps explain what services I specialize in.

Outline of Mountains

Chronic Pain or Health Conditions

Treatment for chronic pain and health conditions does not stop once outside of the doctor offices. It is important to remember our mental health matters and gaining additional support can be beneficial in many ways. As a therapist I have knowledge in the connection between the neurological, mental, and physical aspects for those who have chronic pain and health conditions. This is also where my training in art therapy can help in processing the trauma experienced.

I am here to not just hear you - but to truly listen. 


I am a therapist who was diagnosed with auto-immune conditions in my late teens, and I know the process of dealing with chronic pain personally. The greatest support I found early on in my own journey was a therapist who understood me because they themself had chronic health conditions. Through therapy, psychiatric care, and research I have invested my passion and time to best understand the mental health side of chronic pain/health conditions and how we can gain the most out of therapy.

Adult Children and Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

When looking for a therapist to process your past or current relationships with narcissistic individuals it is important the therapist has experience in understanding this specific type of abuse. 

I have extensive knowledge of narcissistic abuse and how it appears in parent-child relationships as well as romantic relationships. My goal is to provide a safe and understanding therapeutic environment for clients looking to process and heal what has happened. Adults and teens who have a narcissistic parent or caregiver often begin to take on certain roles, responsibilities, attitudes, and coping skills to work around the narcissist's changing moods and abuse. Therapy can help bring personal understanding, boundary building, and psychoeducation on these individuals and our roles in relation to them.

Currently Training under an ADHD Specialist

My supervisor Kristen Baird-Goldman LMFT is a certified ADHD Specialist through CCSP. I am currently able to assist in screening and treatment planning of individuals with ADHD.


This includes individuals who in therapy can learn: impulse control, frustration tolerance, value in routines, mindfulness, solution skills, emotional regulation, and management of executive functioning skills. 

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Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to set up a consult to see if we are a good fit and what you want out of therapy.

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